Okay, saw a recent thread on fingerpicking vs flatpicking, and it reminded me of a problem I'm having with learning how to fingerpick myself. Really dumb question, but bear with me...
I've got an acoustic steel string, and when I fingerpick, it sounds great. But it's also really quiet...this is just related to my finger strenght, right? Also, I know some people grow out their fingernails on the right hand to pick with their nails...is this the reccomended way? I'm using the 'pads' of my fingertis, and it's difficult to get the hang if it. Of course, I just started, so it'll come I suppose...thanks!
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JUst pluck harder, and yeah when your fingertips are tougher it will be easier.
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You'll sound louder if you use your nails, but some of the volume comes from finger strength. I stay away from finger picks. I can't get used to them. You'll figure it out. Keep trying.