Alright so my band has played 2 gigs, both hugely sucessful with a large auidence approval, even though one of our gigs had major power issues. My question is, we have a set of 5 origonals, which is about 30 minutes with the talking inbetween etc. 30 mins is basically the max ammount of time for the venues we will be playing. I was wondering if it was a bad idea to only have orig. songs this early in our career?
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play whatever you want man.. its cool to have all original music.

if you get like.. an hour then bust out a cover or two.
Just having 5 songs seems limiting. Would you want to play the same 5 songs every night?

If you have five songs down pat, you need more material. Covers are a quick fix (relatively quick, depending on complexity) but you don't have to. imo, you should either get writing or get a few covers down for some filler (maybe both).
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Its never bad to have originals in your set, especially if they're good songs. If you want, you can have a short cover in there, too, though. Its totally up to you.
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Or you could do a cover but make it your own add diffrent fills and solos
as long as it has a simlair sound and people know the song they love it
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