Hiya mates!
Tried to post this earlier, not many peeps looked at the thread tho, figured I might have done something wrong

Anyway! Here's my cover of Iris, it's actually only the first and second verse, and then the chorus, but hey! You'll get the general idea of my sound


Feel free to criticise and stuff, I want nothing but to improve!

i thought it was great!

i didn't even know what song it was before listening to your cover but after hearing like the first 5 seconds of your version i remembered it

anyways i really like the sound of your acoustic too

but i'm pretty sure the guy actually kind of semi-yells the chorus

so maybe work on that? i'm just suggesting it because you asked for suggestions. personally i think its great

thats the only thing i can really think of that you should improve on if you want to work on something
Just a little louder on the vocals would have been better.

Nice acoustic tone
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At odd stages you sounded like Cobain! And I'm into Nirvana, so that's a compliment from me. I liked your cover, very nice.
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Nice one, really impressed with that
So lets put on our classics and we'll have a little dance, shall we?