A friend and I are trying to set up a place where our band can practice in his garage. We have room to play and jam out but... we don't know how we can set up a mic system so that we can actually hear our singer's voice... =/ I'm not sure what we need (besides a mic), or what kind of speakers we'll need to use... Plus we're only high school students so we need something that's pretty cheap...
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^ depends on the brand, go pawn shopping for one, i would imagine you could get every thing for $400 - $600 maybe cheaper depending on the condition, btw it is totally safe to sing thru a bass cab just NOT a guitar cab, so if you find a cheap-o bass cab you can use that for the time being.
I beleive the guitar amp is the immediate choice for most teenage garaged bands. However I've found from person experience a few problems. One the pre-amp on a guitar amp is for a guitar signal which is hi impedance, andtens to colorize the sound for a guitar. Also guitar amps have an unbalnced input (1/4").

I believe personally a true P.A. system is important. It makes everything much more clear and easier to hear, and proper monitoring is key to successfully practicing in a band. A P.A. includes a Mixer (or preamp of some sort), Poweramp(could be built into mixer or speakers), and speakers and/or monitors which can either be passive(unpowered) or active(powered). In a garage band practice, all you will really need are some individual monitors as you arent really directing the sound at any audience.
Uhh... hate to be a newb but... what's a monitor?
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