Im SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO blazed right now, and this came to me. I actually have the full 15 minute version from beginning to end, but the MP3 changer cut it down to 8 or so minutes so I'm only showing you the jam + a little bit of I Know You Rider. Basically everywhere there is Jerry's guitar, substitute my guitar. I can't decide whether its REALLY good or just totally horrendous. If you guys check it out, I'll check out some of your ****.
*Official Deadhead*

The times they are a-changin'
not bad, you really got the feel of it down. up to around 1:30 it was very nice. it picked back up around 2:50. same thing for around 4:40 into 5:00. 5:20 could have been a great peak if you hit some of those notes cleaner, but the run back down was nice. pretty nice solo in i know you rider, i liked it. you seem to have a nice flow to your playing.