ok before the flames begin, i know these guys arent hardcore but i figured i'd get flamed less by the hardcore board than the elitist metal board.

So what would you classify these guys as, and what do you think of them.

I like them because they don't play the same thing as everyone else. They came to my town but I couldn't make it to the show and I'm still kicking myself.
These guys are obviously grindcore, which yes, does belong in this forum.
You won't get flamed.

They're one of my favorite grind bands out there, if you like them, check out all the other bands on Debello Recordings.
I have cancer, fight me.
ok, cuz ive read some threeads here and their pretty flametastic.

but yah i like robinson and i think into the moat is with them too.
I saw them live, it was great, crazy, energy, in a living room. Tiny, and very hot. But like I said amazing live. I don't listen to them too much anymore though.