Does anyone here own the Gibson G3? i was thinking of buying one considering ebay has some nice deals and also www.instrumentexchange.com but i want to see if anyone has ever played one or better yet owns one, all help would be great
Believe it or not, I own one. And I love it.

There are some little things about it I don't like, but they aren't stuff that happens often.
1. Having to remove the bridge plate to change the action.
2. Loose electronics. When I first got it the electronics kept messing up (output jack loosening, a couple saudering issues) but with a little bit of work the problem was solved.
3. Pickup distortion. It only happens when you are playing extremely hard (usually with a thick pick) but it does sound pretty nasty when it happens.
4. The low end, depending on how you play it, can sound hollow and empty.

The pickup configuration is a bit different. 3 single coils with a 3 way switch. (Front-middle / All / Middle - Back). It's also the most basic you can get with tone and volume control (1 for volume, 1 for tone.) It's also got a big fat neck, imagine pbass but a little bit deeper. It is neck heavy, but that is offset by have a huge body (sometimes uncomfortable.) But it is still the lightest bass I have ever held. The tuners are also very, very good. I very rarely have to tune it.

However, I find that the slap sound is amazing. (I've had multiple people comment that it is the best sounding slap bass they have ever heard.) It's great for funk, and some jazz.

Because of the woods used, it is a nutrually mid tone ranged bass, they are what define it. Because of this, I have found it is very good for punk rock.

Because these basses are so old (mid 70's) I wouldn't buy them off ebay, because they could be in terrible condition. I spent a half a day working on mine (cleaning/polishing/setup/electronics) before I was 100% satisfied with it.

All in all I would say play it before you buy it. (I've also heard that the Ripper was by far a better bass guitar, but I have yet to play one.) It might be for you, it might not. To each his own in the bass world, a lot of people don't like these basses, I for one do. And I will say this, it is not the BEST bass I have ever played, but it is my favorite bass to play (I favorite over both my Warwick, and my custom.) and wouldn't sell it unless I was going to starve to death.
yeah they are.... epiphone actullay resissued the ripper, but its epi so screw it, if gibson reissued it thad be sick