i don't wanna get a new guitar, and i don't really wanna upgrade pickups or amp, i was just wondering is it possible to get a vintage tone like that with my gear, without spending lotsa money. i got a fender contemporary strat (like a fat strat, but only 2 knobs, and also an extra switch) and a 15 watt marshal . so is it possible, the ac/dc tone i really wanna get is from the intro to "she shook me all night", thanks for the help.

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Im guessing your 15 watt marshal is an MG.....if so the answer is no.

The most important thing in terms of tone is your amp, without a better amp your not going to get that tone. You could simulate the tone using a modeling system (korg toneworks, zoom or whatever) but its allways going to sound exactly like a simulation.

If you dont want to spend a lot of money on getting a new amp then i would recomend the Epiphone Valve Standard Combo which is a 15 watt Class A all valve combo. In terms of what you get for the money you pay it represents excellent value as its only £243.

If thats still to rich for your blood then you could try the Epiphone Valve Special 5W combo at £189 or the Epiphone Valve Junior 5W at £88.
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well ur definitely not gonna get that sound from an MG, but i think i can help a little.................

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i have a line 6 spider III 15 watt amp and ive been DYING to know how to get the Angus tone also. would those settings be the same to get a similar sound? if not, could someone please help me. thanks.