Firstly, is this a good amp? Also, if you go to some online stores they have the Roland cube 30 and a Roland cube 30x. What is the difference? Thanks
ya its definitely great for the price and its pretty loud for being tiny
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I love cubes, they are basically the closest thing to a tube amp. The cube30X has more fetures like a onboard tuner and whole bunch of new stuff. It's worth the money if you think you need the extra's...it's up to you.

Here's the link to the official site=

Cube 30X
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I just bought a cube30, it's only my 2nd amp (1st being a **** 15w from a starter pack) and i think its awesome. I got it for $170 at a store near my house, as apposed to the $245 i see on most online sites.

I would reccomend going to a store to check them out.