alright im a 13 year old guitarist and im looking into recording a full band. im just looking for general knowledge on recording. I think you put a mixer plugged into a recorder or interface? idk. anyway, i currently dont have any equipment so if you know whats good for just amateur, decent sounding recordings, and how to use it, id like to know. thanks
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How much do you want to spend?
Do you have a computer that can be used to do everything?
How much do you know right now?
What kind of things would yo like to know?
well. this is just what i use. fruity loop 5 producer edition is the program that i use to mix tracks and stuff. i use GT player to record track while having the fruity loop metronome running. and m-audio fast track is where i plug my guitar thru usb port. also the m-audio required monitors or u can plug it into your home system. a lot of people dont like FL, saying it's not good to track whole song n stuff, only good for short loops is totally wrong. i have no problem mixing multiple audio tracks plus midi sequence that i made with FL. ( drums, piano, synth type of stuff like that.)
also here's my comp specs
1.9gz pentium 4
512 ram <--need upgrade but ok not experiencing any lag when recordin or mixing.
bull**** soundcard which doesnt matter because m-audio is my soundcard now.

also i don't recommend using any effects from GT player. run external effects and if possible mic your amp.

hope its helpful

btw all i spent was $500 $100 for the m-audio, 300 for the FL and 100 for sm57
I know you can definately record right into Fruity Loops, I'm not 100% sure how as I never use Fruity Loops for such a thing, but if you look into it you should be able to find out how, that would save you the hastle of all that recording exporting and aligning. It sounds like you have a fairly good rig setup right now. For a full band you'll probably need a small mixer 4 mic preamp, unless you plan on doing the hwole band at once which you shouldnt with only or two inputs on your m-audio card. You'd basically mix down drums onto the mixer and into the m-audio card. Than multi track the rest over top of it. IF you want inexpensive look at Behringers mixers, you should be able to find one for your needs at 100-200 bucks maximum, unless you decide you want to double up as a P.A. mixer.