Ocean Eyes

Her eyes were the Caribbean Ocean. The boy took a deep breathe as he savored her arms that wrapped tightly around his chest. She buried her head in his neck as the flood of tears began to rain from her ocean eyes. He breathed in her coconut scent that gave the boy a warm mix of summer and love. A feeling he knew all too well and would miss dearly in the coming months. These past few golden months were too much for him to forget.

?I love you so much? she said in between gasps for air as she sobbed.

?I love you too? and don?t you worry, everything will be okay? the boy replied as he tried to fight back his own surge of tears.

The boy leaned in to kiss the girl?s forehead and he held her tighter then he ever had before. His whole world raced through his head and he was beginning to feel sick to his stomach.

?This is far too early, far far too early? he thought to himself. ?It?s not going to be easy? but we can do this, I love you so much and there is nothing you have to worry about? he said trying to sound as confident as he could.

The girl gave him a worried but comforting look. He stroked his hand through her hair and wiped away a new tear that stained her rose red cheek. The girl?s mother yelled from the car to let us know it was time. The girl stared down the car with a look of hatred and turned back to the boy.

?Everything is going to be okay, don?t you cry now, everything will be okay? he said to her. He didn?t want to sound repetitive but he hoped the emphasis on those few lines would drill them into the angel?s head which she buried back into his neck. She lifted her head to meet the boy?s eyes and they kissed with such a force to ignite an unbreakable bond between them.

The mother yelled again for the girl, and her grip finally loosened on the boy. Both young lovers walked hand in hand to the car, kissed one last time, and the girl got in the backseat. She looked back at the boy with floods in her eyes. The boy returned with a reassuring smile that everything would indeed be okay. He closed the door.

?I will be here waiting for your return? the boy whispered to himself as he waved off the car. ?I will be here, for sure?.
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