eruption isnt for beginners
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watch the newest kirk hammet masterclass video, it tells about tapping. otherwise, check out atreyu, they have some pretty simple tapping stuff.
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Check out the lessons section and look for shred masterclass videos.

The latest kirk hammet one has a beginning guide to a tapping arpeggio you can practice.

A good tapping song to learn is the Power Rangers theme song. It's sweet and fun to play.
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actually eruption is the first thing i learned... its very easy
Eruption's tapping parts are good for beginners.

It's just not that great to learn the song cause the rest of it is pretty hard if you're not a beginner.

Anyway, go with Passchendaele.
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The intro to ride the lightning is pretty simple, you dont even have to have ne real form, go nuts.
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eruption isnt for beginners

the tapping bit is
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eruption is easy and almost everyone who listens to music knows it. the crowd goes wild when u play it and they are so impressed. the tapping is easy after a couple weeks.
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The tapping in One by Metallica isn't overly complicated.
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One by Metallica, Eruptions tapping is pretty easy if you can play one.
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the intro to Thunderstruck by AC/DC or the solo to in too deep from Sum 41...they're easy as balls
G-G-G D-E-C C chord
Aerodynamic by Daft Punk. Trust me it's easy as hell but it sounds heaps good
Crazy Train (Ozzy), easy, really easy

One (metallica)

and by the sounds of it eruption

but what helped me tap is just practice tapping around the fret board and getting used to it, also there's a small bit of tapping in surfing with the alien by joe satriani but thats rather fast