I've got a G&L ASAT Classic tribute (the Korean ones) and I'm thinking about replacing the stock pickups, they're not bad, but I'd like something with a bit more definition, I'm more interested in replacing the bridge pickup as I use that one loads more, but I might get a new neck one as well. Going off the clips on the SD site, I liked the STL-1 and the Texas specials (though the specials seem a bit expensive) what other brands should I look at that are in that kind of price range? oh by the way, I only want single coils.
Dimarzio, although I'm not sure what kind of cleans they bring to the table.
i just put some seymour duncans on my fender strat, i dont know if there what your looking for but i find them really good. ps i bought them for 75$ canadian
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There's a good possiblity that I will end up buying SD pickups as they seem to have the best distribution here in the UK, plus the fact that I've just put a set of SD humbuckers in another guitar and I really like them.

RE: The Dimarzio suggestion, the only Tele ones I've seen so far have been the Tone Zone T, which is a humbucker and I really wanted single coil pups for the brightness and clarity. Thanks anyway though.
I have been looking for upgrade pickups as well, but I don't want to lose my perfect strat tone.