I play Electric And acoustic guitar, and there is a girl i really like. I thought it would be romantic if i recorded myself playing and singing some songs to express my feelings. except i have no clue what songs. this is where you come in. PLZ HELP!
OK..... I bet you never had a girlfrend, did you? Why don't you play IN FRONT of her instead of recording. you suck
Brokeback Lego - Animation Movie I Made

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Our band mascot is a Muffin.

A recent study shows that 8% of teenagers listen to nothing but music with guitars in it. Put this in your sig if you're one of the 92% who aren't close-minded morons.
maybe I should have picked you Aug )6ers in the pit.... you guys are awful......

"Suneshine of your love" by cream........
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im romanian and am offended. most of the people in romania make americans look like autistic kids on ritalin
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I'm autistic and on ritalin and am offended. Most autistic kids on ritalin make americans look like romanians.