Martyr's Prayer
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By the Red Chord. What is the meaning behind the lyrics? Anyone know?
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Good call.

The Red Chord always have some interesting lyrics, going pretty deep in many places.

I've posted to keep this thread going... I wanna hear a answer too.
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Comparing life to what a dog dreams about? Written while watching his pet dog roll around and dream on the floor?
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Dog years accumulate faster than human years. Maybe he meant that his dream felt very long, possibly longer than he felt like he slept. Maybe it's about a coma, or only being partially awake while some sort of coma-induced surgery is taking place (IE - Hearing the metal clank, surgical tools?). It really could be interperated in a lot of different ways.

EDIT: People on songmeanings have said it was about someone's dog dying. Someone else said the song was written while he watched his dog rolling around on the floor dreaming.
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Ahhh dang.

What were you expecting, then?
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