Amp Hey there, first of all I am getting a small stack as an amp but not really sure how to go about it.(I'm getting a stack so I can expand it once I get more money) anyway first question.

1)If the ohm's of a head and cab don't match will it work and if so is it better to have more ohms in the head or cab?

2)It's better to have the head's wattage lower than the cabs correct?But if the heads is less lets say 125 and the cab is 200 will only 125 of the 200 watts be used?

3)Will this head and this cab be good or would this other cab be better first (in the end I will have both when I have enough cash.) I am for sure going with GK for the tonal variety. I would buy the 250 head if the 125 watts would be good for the 200 watt handling of the cabs.(cheaper )

4)If I buy the 600 head which is 300 watts @ 4 ohms or 200 watts @ 8 ohms.... Just... explain this and if it will work with the 2x10 and eventually 2x10 and 1x15.

Sorry if those questions don't make sense but I need some information from someone other than a greedy salesman who just wants to sell me what will give him the most profit. So please answer one or all of these questions at your leisure if you can.
be afraid no more, child.

this thread will tell you all you need to know. read it, don't skim it, you may screw up alot of you don't actually read it.

EDIT: short answer, 250 head, first cab.
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