I did this for the One take competition, where you cant overdub. Im playing this on my keyboard with a plugin to make it sweet ass panio. This is not the version im using for the one take because this has some effects, like reveb and things but its still live.

The panio is almost perfect but I dont have weighted keys so its hard to get that feel....


thanks all comments welcome
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Wow! that keyboard sounds SO good.. im so jealous that you got that sound out of it! The vocals are superb! You really got the feeling out of this song, this is a GREAT cover. Awesome effects on your vocals too. I dont think it gets much better then this, especially for live...
I like your lil bridge you made up at 2:00ish, Very cool. You rock
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brilliant. not often the word perfect is played with on these forums, but you got pretty f-ing close there dude. showed a lot of musical talent, plus a lot of originality...vocals seemed almost robotic they were that perfect! shall look forward to more of your work on these forums! what microphone/preamp was you using btw?
thats pretty much the most beautiful cover i've ever heard
Dude fantastic work. Literally couldnt stop listening to it. Great playing, and great singing. Incredibly impressed, seeing as im not really a Coldplay fan, yet you managed to really grab my attention. Deffinately a fan dude.
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your a good piano player, I can hear the weirdness of unweighted keys, haha

your also a really good singer, I don't particularly like your voice, but that doesn't mean your not a talented singer

if you like you can check out my I will follow you into the dark cover
brilliant, again.
the higher parts were done very confidently (i personally have probs with them :[).
some quality issues maybe. it seemed to overmodulate at some point.
One of the best covers on here, What program are you using to record, piano was great, singing was in key, A few pops or sudden loudness in level on vocals, Do you use compression sounds like you need to ad some? otherwise it was awesome.
- Satch is awsome -
Excellent, though it took me about 15 mins to download on 56k. Best damned recording i've ever heard for a long long time. Do you mind telling me what you used to record all of this? It sounds really professional.
It's kinda funny, I didn't read your screenname until after i started listening but as soon as i started listening to it i knew who it was. I hear your stuff on here all the time and it's always unbelievable, and this is no exception. It's great...My only problem, you kept spelling piano as "panio" in your first post =P. Other than that, no suggestions here, i love it.
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I thought the piano sounded pretty poor. The piano sounded off in that all the notes were pretty equal strength, but that's due to the keyboard and I don't blame you. The piano sounds pretty muddy though, and it doesn't sound like the frequencies are evenly reproduced. The bass was pretty boomy and muddy, and the high end sounded rather lopped off.
Vocals were good, there was one or two jumps in volume, but that's just a recording flaw. Good job with the high notes.

I can't sing half as well as you, but tell me what you think of this:
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I used AKOUSTIK PIANO for this song. The program samples 3 grand pianos at countless velocities in a studio. As for the frequencies I don't know, I didnt make the program, and personally I dont think it sounds right either, or it dosen't sound like Coldplay for that matter but it still sounds good. Vocals, bah, crap. Its possible that the high end was lopped off, I didnt change the EQ A bit and raised it so it gave it that punchy feel. Whatev... I'll try and make it better next time, when I use pro tools it seems to capture the sound better than Adobe Audition it just turns my computer iinto a slug.