hah - therye from around here(ish)...played 2 mins from my house many a times.

very very nice cool guys. they gave me lots of free **** before. great band. i didnt konw they were making it big(ger) like that?

keep on spreading the good word!
Quote by Craigo
I actually found this quite bad... Generic, badly repitive... Just... No.

LOL @ jfac,terror and hatebreed fan thinking a band is generic.
They played in a **** **** **** venue around here, you couldn't here the vocals at all.
I still liked it, I picked up the Faith And Failure CD to find they sound GREAT on recording. Who would've known. They RANDOMLY played with that crazy band Lye By Mistake and a powerviolence band called Rhino Charge in about a 10x10 room.
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