ive been realizing that when i really get into a song, i play like 10 times better. has any one else found this? i have this music creating class and ill be sitting there and i think that ive lost it or something because i just cant push out anything good. ill get depressed and say wow i suck i need to practice. then ill go home, put on some tunes, and jam. then ill really get into it like throwing my head back, bobbing to the beat, swaying, maybe close my eyes, you know like get into the song. for some reason im much better than when im fully focused.

im gunna have to start doing this at school because i cant pull of half the licks i do when im into a song when im just sitting there focusing. also, i just found out i play better standing up....even though most of the time....like 85% of the time im sitting when i play.

anyways, has anyone noticed they're better when they are really into a song?
well, duh, you're not gonna play a song well if you don't like it
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well, duh, you're not gonna play a song well if you don't like it

thats not what i said. you can like a song and not get into it as much.
well let me help rephrase.. "well, duh, you're not gonna play a song well if you don't GET INTO IT...but seriously, everyone and anyone plays better when you get into the groove of things.. thats how you begin to compose... and i read in this article by Steve Vai, he says that before you ever start to play, always spend a few moments getting yourself into the vibe of things. for instance.. If youre feeling a little low with your gf for some reason and you wanna write something or just play something to that effect, spend a few moments placing yourself in those moments that hurt you or just get yourself into that position mentally for awhile.. once youre there, you will find that when you play, you will tend to project your emotions through your playing..your vibratos, bends, licks, will all project your emotions. Its a cool way to play and i find that its the only way you can actually play something that is of any worth.. any other way is just mindless madness.. haha.. but i know this sounds a little funny maybe.. but its true and it works.. try it.. good luck..
i definatly play better when im really into it. occasionally ill get really sloppy cuz i get all into it with my right arm if you know what i mean
*insert laughter here*, yeah dude thats the musician coming out when u start to dig the music, u only have to create a relationship with the groove and feel those emotions at school.Aso while u are enjoying the jam try sitting down and improvising, thats how i got good at playing the blues, let ur mind wander while ur all fired up and u'll come out with some wicked music.