I tell ya, my original thoughts were a "better distortion". This is coming from a guy who plays out of a Dual Rec. Really no comparison, but I figure if my amp ever "craps" out at a show for whatever reason.... there's the Powerblock. It has the effects loop, cool. Just turning down the volume knob on my guitar to get cleans. It's uh... man, it is what I paid for I guess? I really want a small tube amp, but I was really attracted to the price of the thing. For what it does with it's 150Watts, it's O.K. However.... not what I originally thought when I bought it. Oh well... what are tube practice amps y'all would suggest?
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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

^ a valve Jr. to replace a dead Recto? probably not...

edit- if youve got cash...the Hughes and Kettner Edition Tube pwns. Its a really cool little amp. 20watts all tube too.