Sparked from an arguement i had with my mother, it later turned out to be more about how the general population is uncultured. Quick question though, is it odd for me to write songs really fast? I usually write everything in less than 10 miniutes.

And here's the song. C4C.

The Biggest Child

This argument will never be won
What?s in play when you can go to work?
This whole town is bland.
It?s alright; I can excavate my soup can.

I am the biggest child
Which child are you
I am the biggest child
And I don?t want to change

I?ll read a book
What?s the point when the television is already on?
Which way is north?
Who knows, lets excavate the golf course.

What?s west of here,
Who cares, I?ve got a job for myself
I?ll visit the Springfield ghosts
It?s good for my mental health

I am the biggest child
Ungrateful for myself
I am the biggest child
And I don?t want to change
pretty good man, and no i dont think its weird for you to write stuff fast, although ive never really written many songs and all of them sucked anyways...... if you have something to say and you knwo what u want to say you can write it as fast as possible. jsut cause its fast doesnt mean its weird, you just know what you think and know what u want to say, you know how you feel
Do you, you, feel like I do?
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was good, the best time to write is when your emotions are high. It works for you. "which way is north, who cares...whats west of here,who cares are great lines...good job... I just posted "Fly High" would appreciate a crit .