I just want to know if it sounds like my vocals are going in the right direction with this. The verse could probably use a little tweaking, but does the chorus sound okay? and recording quality... I still gotta do drums, but just want to know what you think so far


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I like the intro, I know what you mean by the quality. You can't really hear your vocals either, you can, but not what you're actually singing. When you finally start singing at full volume its really good. I like the general mood of the song. Perhaps add more layers? Drums would sound good in this and so would a bass line. The chorus is fine, but would definetly sound better with drums.
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Theres gonna be drums throughout the song after the 2x intro, and there is bass already after the 2x intro, but i think that would be cool to add a layer in the chorus for vox, good idea, thanks for the crit
layering would definately sound cool, i like it man. especially when you start really singing.
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I like the songwriting. A very nice, subtlely dark tune. The vocals sound fitting, and definitely work. This would be great with some dark bass lines and some subtle - maybe militant - percussion.
get a better method of recording to help the recording quality. its needs prominent bass and drums to help back it. it needs more substance
i mixed the bass line a little higher, and we i record the rest of the vox im gonna layer it, and ill try that percussion idea yawn, that might be cool for an intro or something

thanks for the crits all