Some of you will recognize this tune as the first song I made. Well its done.

I've finished my very first origional recording. Tempo is messed up at parts but its good enough for me. I made this myself, no drummer, no support guitar, just me, my strat, and my keyboard.

Tell me what you think! Go here and play Crusin' 'n' Blues'n!

Love the intro dude. ****ing cool. Nice and ballsy feel to it. I hate the sound of the drums, they sound crap. Its pretty cool when theres the change after about a minute. I would have liked some soling going on, or some vocals, because it does get a bit boring after a while of just progressions. I found my self soloing over the top of this as I listened because I had my guitar in hand.

How long have you been playing? It sounds decent. Kepp rockin.
I've been playing for just over 6 months.

I agree, the drums sound pretty crappy. On my keyboard I only hit about three keys to do that haha. I couldn't find a solo! Help me man, I can't find something that works in the E/A chord progression. My voice is too lame, I cant sing. Maybe i'll get someone else to do it.