I have been playin guitar for maybe a year and a half, prety much just playing tabs the whole time starting off with blink 182 n now i can play sum solos n stuf like that but i know i needa learn new stuf apart from tabs.

I am starting a band soon with some mates n they rekon im an awsum guitarist, but dotn know anything about music, scales, all that kindof stuff.

What are the main things i need to learn and understand to be a good guitarist in a band who can write his own music?
and any suggestions or advice on how to learn them wuld be greatly appriciated.
Well I'm not a genius but you should probably know all the major scales, minor scales, the pentatonic versions of those, and the chords formed withing each. That's some basic stuff that will help you get started but it also helps if you have played a lot of music and know different artists phrasings, which in turn can help you build your own phrasings. If I'm right, you can probably find all that stuff on this website.
Theres a whole lot of lessons on this site that will help, and please please please for the love of god and all things musical, Theory is so important, trust me, please do not disregard this, it will make your band so much better if youve got music that is of quality. I know many will say that 'nahh theory isnt important'. But this is so not true, you may be able to play stuff by just throwing a few power chords together but you would have no idea why you would do so, plus theory will give your music so much more depth.. it is a great thing to have and to learn along the way as you go, its the only way your band can create really good meaningful music.. and the other thing i would suggest for your band is effort, its not only you that has to put in the time learning new things, work as a team, help each other out.. you'll be much better this way... good luck!!
hey guys, thanx alot 4 the advice, i realy appriciate u guys givin up time 4 a complete stranger lyk me lol.
ive tried reading alot of the theory lessons and most of its confusing, so if i wanted to could i just get teh scales and simply memorize them without going through all the thoery?
you could but that is stupid and you will not know why the notes in the scale are there or understand keys, but that is YOUR choice