so I've recorded some vocals dry, with no effects, and I want to add some compression, a bit of delay and some reverb. what's the best order to add these or does it even matter?

i would think it would be the same order as you would put things on a guitar signal. i would probably do compression or reverb first and then delay last. i like reverb first, but some people say that compression should always be one of the first effects. i would experiment to see what you can do with the different orders and how each sounds. keep a copy of the dry vocals saved then play around with the effects on another copy of the vocals. figure out which order gives you the sound you want most.
Whatever sounds best I usually go

Crackle and Hiss reductions -> Compressor -> Autotune -> EQ -> DeEsser -> Delay -> Reverb
As a general rule though, compression is usually applied first, pre-eq and pre-fader, as an insert effect. Reverb is usually used as a send effect - so post-eq, post-fader. However some experimentation will tell you what works best for you, and in what situation.
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