i saw a chart a while back that showed what guitar company owned what other guitar companys

anyone have a link or info?
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umm i dont have a link
but i can tell you that fender owns squire, and gibson owns epiphone, there are more but i cant think of them

Rogue owns First Act.
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Fender Owns: Squier, Jackson
Esp Owns: Ltd, Edwards, Comparison (?)
Gibson Owns: Steinburger, Epiphone, Kramer

Thats all i know.
ESP : subdivisions are - Edwards, LTD, Seymour Duncan, Grassroots, Navigator, Italia (im not too sure on this one, needed it checked out myself), Lakland

Fender : Jackson, Gretsch, Squier, Tacoma, SWR, Olympia, Charvel, Guild, Orpheum, X Brand

and to Zofar if your talking about Caparison being owned by ESP well your incorrect there Caparison was started off by the ex master luthier of Jackson Star but he left and created his own guitar company