Fleshy, fleshy, fleshy;
et la noir à mange la blanc;
simple arroyo and Mormons.
Religiously speaking the
one has no opposition from
the other.

T?y as penses:
marry the ugliest one off
to him: he?ll never know,
he only has a head for gain.
Implicitly speaking the even
is scarred by the odd, though
neither is one without the other.


Ok I suck at french...
I like this a lot. short and sweet and consistent.
you manage to make a decent point in only two verses. maybe you could develop the second verse into an entire song. it seems like part of a narrative that would go well with summing up your points.
but why the french? it doesnt really detract anything from the poem, i just wondered why it was there?
nice one

peace out
--------------------i'm definitely the alphaest male here--------------------
Yeah thanks, I honestly don't know what significance the french has besides my own seeming obsession of speaking it at random intervals despite my lack of fluency (to put it lightly).