I have an LTD JH-600. Its been about a year or so since I last got it set up, and i'm thinking about doing it again, because the neck is bowing more and more now.

Anyway, I last got it set to C Standard, because I wanted to learn most of Arch Enemy's stuff, solos and what not, and I also got down Dream Theaters stuff they do in C. Now I'm wondering where do I go from here? Because I'm running out of stuff to learn in C, what new tuning should I put it at? I don't want a dropped tuning, becasue, well, I just don't like them.

I was thinking either E or E flat, since I know that Megadeth is in E when they were with Friedman. Basically this is just asking what thrash/melo death/progressive/ect. bands tune where. And how much do set ups cost? I got it done for free when i bought my new guitar.
E standard is pretty refreshing if you haven't been there for a while, great for ripping solos.

Why can't you do it yourself?

Edit: I thought about it and it probally isn't good to do it yourslef if you aren't comfortable with the truss-rod cause you can really F things up :P... So proceed :P...
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just standard E will do fine. and set up depending on where you go generally the price could be around $50usd but like said depending on where you go