K so I got my Jackson a while back and its got a Floyd Rose on it. ive been playing in standard tuning for a while now, but lately I've been wanting to play songs that are in Drop D tuning (DADGBe)

so i unlock it, and then I try to tune the low E to a D but the string becomes REALLY tight and feels like it about to snap when I almost got it.
Sooo..what do I do about it?
the lower you drop and string on a floating trem the tighter all the others get.

Just like the more you tighten one string the flatter all the other strings get.

Usually thats not a big problem. But like if you are stringing it, or restring it or whatever, and take off all the heavy gauge strings off first, the lower strings will snap because there is so much tension on them.

but an E to a D shouldnt cause any snapping problems...i wouldnt think so anyways mine never did
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how about tuning down, and not a full octave up.
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