ey i've been asking a lot of questions here and gotten many good answers so here's another one.

I was wonderin how to read tabs like this: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/m/maroon_5/she_will_be_loved_ver5_tab.htm like there's two numbers on the same line on top of each other like :


i dont know which string to play first since they're all on the same line.

this will be my 2nd i'll be learning and the 1st one I learned was blink 182's adam song (only the intro) so should I start learning She Will Be Loved or a different song?
they're chords...you play the strings together.
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yeah play em all at once... and power chord songs like this.. and stuff with simple lead patterns are good songs to start off with. theres some Nirvana songs that are good for a begginer to learn with, something with a few chords and a simple solo.. maybe Breed or In Bloom or something... if your even into that, i dunno
when i play them do I strum all the way down, then strum back up, or just strum down?
/\ you can strum down only or down and up... it really doesn't matter... i would prefer strumming down only if it is a slower song, and down and up if it is a faster song
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damn i'm stuck.

well i was playing the first part fine:


I had my 1st finger on the 1st string, 8th fret and my middle finger on the 4th string, 8th fret but got totally lost. Which fingers would I have to use to change from the 8th fret to the 6th for the first line? which finger do i use to put on the 2nd string, 8th fret and so on and so on. i found if i used my first finger to switch from the 8th fret to the 6th, the sound would stop abruptly.

can some1 guide me to video on how to play this song or tell me which fingers i need to use for each string and which I use to change frets and strings?

i also dont now what to do when It says I have to play the 8th fret, first string and 4th string, 8th fret at the same time. does that I mean I have to strum down like the chorus or play a certain string first?
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this might not make sense to you
but think of the frets in sets of four

use your index finger for the fret to the left
use your middle finger for the second fret
use your ring finger for the third fret
and use your pinky for hte right fret

you would have your index finger on E string at the 8th fret
and your middle finger on G string at the 8th fret

then youd switch and barre *hold down all strings with one finger* the sixth fret with your index finger
then put
your ring finger on G string 7th fret
and your pinky on A string 8th fret

then for the next set
you would barre at the 8th fret

and for the next set
then youd switch and barre *hold down all strings with one finger* the sixth fret with your index finger
then put
your ring finger on G string 7th fret
and your pinky on A string 8th fret

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