The backing vocal sometimes gets in the way and sounds weird, It'd be cool if the backing vocals only were in the chorus maybe.

I'm a hopeless romantic and I like my bestfriend, he doesn't know it. So I like this song very much
When the memory comes
I'll say I'm always in the dark
And as the vision fades
I'll say I was blinded by your eyes
hey why isn't she dating you? your obviously the cool dude who can write beautiful songs.

the bit where it goes 'stories like these are meant for the movies' has fantastic vocals. i dont particularly like the low backing vocals during the verses or maybe its just cos the recording isnt that clear?

the clip from the woman speaking is actually pretty cool.
We may fall on our faces, but if we do we will fall with dignity,a guitar in our hands and rock in our hearts!
You deffinatly dont need those backing vocals.. your voice is beautiful by itself... The lyrics are beautiful too.. I think Im getting a crush on you... You know your good when you change someones sexuality.. Guitars Awsome And the vocals and lyrics are to die for... Like a better John mayers or whatever his name is.. thats a really good song... but you neeed to get rid of the low pitched vocals...
Check out my A Crying Hand song
Its pretty much the exact same thing as your I miss you song but expressed through guitar instead of vocals
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I really liked that
Like others have mentioned I think you need to be more selective with the background vocals or just remove them totally because they interfere with the song
Good job