Kind of cliche...even the melodies, and the way your voice sounds...it's like songs I have heard before. There are 2 that I like though, much better, the first one and the third one were really cool. Crit mine!

First off your doodle logo thing is awesome! sets the mood... 8-) here we go. First I think the guitar sound should be more 'sharp', and your vocals are a bit loud. It's all good material but couldve been mixed a bit better. Guitar sounds like Hawaii or something haha, what guitar is it? Vocals fit with your playing, just a bit loud. Nice falsetto, "keep this alivee....." haha. Keep up the good work, definately good material, stick with it! It's just the vocals are extremely loud through these headphones!

Crit me?

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great :] vocals are good i think. and guitar pretty good. i liked the first song and miss you best. the other two kind of didn't catch my interest that much, but the other two were pretty good. :]
Very nice songs, man. I dig them!
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hey cool songs, your style kinda reminds me of dallas greens acoustic stuff. well the first song did anyway thats all i listened to. But ya you got talent!
I'm an acoustic guy myself. I only listened to "I miss you" so far, and I really liked it. The sudden ending wasn't too good in my opinion, maybe slow down a little to end it.