This is an abstract sorta song.. it's not really about anything, just random ideas and what was going through my head at the time. it's sort of nivana style, the chords are Em, G5, Cm, A, throughout the whole song with a few variations, a cool intro and outro. the rhythms kinda strange, you neeed to hear the song to get it. it's my third real song, so it's not that great, but everything takes time i guess... so here 'tis

Just give us one more happy place to go
Before we die
Just one more taste to try

Wind Earth Water Fire
Burns through me like sweet desire
Gain my confidence to save face
Lets do this agian
Same time
Same place

Same time, same place
Yea, Yea, Same Place

Sign my yearbook but it's just a name
Look me in the eye but it's just a game
Silence may be wisdom but loud is proud
Love may be tender until you get back to ground

Back to ground
I say love may be tender until you get back to ground
Back to ground

It'll turn up after all
Like a yellow bruise after a badly fought brawl

Hey, hey

If this is what we came for then let's get a refund
Put our money to good use before we get back to ground

Back to ground

It seems that laurels are a good place to rest
Not a bad felling knowing you are the best
Truth's like drowning fish
And you don't pass the test

crit for crit, and please take a look at my other one:

I will, I liked it.
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