I made the main riff (the one at the beginning) up a long time ago, and I decided to finally recorded it. I don't know how to describe it... I wanted to have some southern rock influences in the sort of groove of the guitar and drums but then have crazy breakdowns and ****. I just learned pinches so I tried to throw some in when I could. Also, its a single run through, so it has alot of errors and **** in it so sort of gimme a break. :P

I don't have a name yet... I call it the New Song (if Metallica can do it so can my fat ass.) It needs one... help me find it one!

Thanx, and I crit for crit guys so tell me what you think of it!

~ Zakk
Your tone sucks.
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I think this good sound good if you had the correct tone, its quite good has alot of potential, just your tone does indeed suck. Are those real drums or is it a program? I like the crowd effect lol, I like the sort of breakdown bit. Could do with a solo and maybe some vocals. Its abit samey all the ay through IMO, oculd do with variation and I think vocals and a lead could accomplish that. It has potential you just need to work on it.

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^^ i would agree about the tone.. but definately sounds good other than that... little less fuzz and more crunch would be good
the artifical harmonics sounded good. u sure u just learned how to do that? I liked the song.
More Crunch !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rawr Metal
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playing is great, but yeah work on the tone and distortion. it sounds too garbled for what it is.
it would really help if it had a bass guitar too, due to the trebleness of the guitar.
the bit that kicks in at 2:00 ****ing owns.

hehe my guitar has uber bad fuzzy grungey painful distortion in my latest, but thats what i was aiming for. check meh out? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=442951