I haven't matched any lyrics to this yet, it's just a composition. Any suggestions are welcome, especially on how to transition the parts so they're less jarring.
Something that will really help transitions, especially from straight 8th's to swing 8th's, is if you have your drummer do fills in the new style. So like you're playing straight 8th's and the measure before you go to swing 8th's, your drummer starts playing triplet fills to kick in the new style. I can't explain it very well, since I'm not a drummer, but hopefully you get the idea. Also maybe try creating a measure or two in between styles where you just play a held chord, and let the drummer do his thing. Do that sparingly, though because it can feel like the song is being broken up too much.

The composition. I loved the first part in the swing 8th's. That just had a really cool groove to it. I don't know of a good way to do that first transition from swing 8th's to straight 8th's, it is a bit too jarring. Other than that, on the whole the straight 8th parts lacked that certain something that makes a part really cool. The swing 8th's parts had it, I liked the swing 8th's feel a lot. Nice.

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Dude. That had my foot tapping. That was a really good peice. Keep it up man. Crit mine if you get a chance. It's called Dreams of Eternal Rest.
I loved the intro, had a great feel and beat to it. I can see what you mean about the transitions. The first transition wasn't particulary bad but could be better. I think aprescott_27's was a good idea. A drum transition might help ease into the new rythmn better.

Apart from the transitions it was a really nice composition. Definately had my foot tapping throughout.

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