Yea I have it fucking "We are not alone" is my favorite track with "5 secounds" and "NSM" in second.
Bitching album totally great vibes with some great ideas

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Amazing album, Mojo is one of the best tracks.

agreed. i just found out peeping tom is coming to my town in march. ****IN HELL!! this is awesome. seeing mike patton live is one of those things i have to do before i die. can't ****in wait.
I love faith no more and Mr bungle.

Would you recommend me to buy one of their albums - sorry i dont know much about them?
I saw them open for The Who (if it's the same group)

It was like scat over a really bad heavey metal guitarist.

The singer acted like a douche, and the guitarist spent the ENTIRE show bending down every two seconds to change his effects.

They were booed off the stage.

And I'm not making that up.

Just my two cents
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Epic win. He speaks the truth, boys and girls.

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Lieess// I don't believe a word of what you just wrote