OK---HOPEFULLY THIS IS THE FINAL TIME that I will disturb the Bass Community of UG on which Bass Amp to GET...

Today I went to the city, and I went to about three shops and I saw 3 (kind of 4) Bass Amps I like----

1. Roland Cube 12" 100 ----$700 AUD
2. Hartke Kickback 12" 120W ---$600
3. Ashdown Electric Blue 15" 180W ---$750
and 12" for $700

I really want to make my final decision by the end of this week and buy it hopefully (horray and finally)

I personally don't like the Ashdown that much because it's tooo big and I have to waste a little more money but the dude highly recommended it.

The Roland is realy cool because it's really small and compact and light and the cool effects

The Hartke is cheap and affordable

So please put in your personal opinions and hopefully I'll be able to come up with a decision ....

Thanks IN Advance!!!
I'd go for the Ashdown. It's quite powerful and the 15' driver will give you decent low end. However, it's kinda big. But if you want to practice with a band or gig with one it'll suit you ( in the beginning).
For the ashdown unfortunatly can't offer you much input other than that the 15" is worth the extra $50. Ashdown have a pretty good reputation.

I have a hartke rig and I find it very versatile. (Although this is the traditional paper cones not aluminium).

Roland has always had a good reputation amongst the people I have talked about. Can't really comment on the specifics of that amp though.

Any of those amps would be able to do the job well... I'd say the 15" Ashdown because of the added speaker size to allow for better sound projection and better lows. Thats just me personally though.
OOO forgot to mention....I'm not exactly in a band but like i always jam with friends and stuff and we've played at a party.....so at the moment...the amp's more for jamming and i guess practice and small gigging (I mean small)

I heard the roland cube's got an external speaker jack so that'll come in handy....in the future..
Looking back at it, i would probably choose a 1x12 over a 1x15 now.. 'cause i lose a bit of definition and treble response with just a 1x15. And a 1x12 should still give you the bass just fine, and it CERTAINLY will if you're juts playing a 4 string. i only bought my 1x15 'cuz i was worried that anything smaller couldnt handle the Low B lol.

If the Roland Cube is loud enough for you, i'd say get it, because if its the best for you to lug around, thats a huge difference, my amp is pretty heavy and it just pisses me off to walk long distances with that thihng lol. I had casters on it for a while, but because i kept sitting on my amp, the casters "broke" (not quite, but), so i've had to lug it around again
i think i would get the biggest amp i could find in my price range. i play guitar so i dont know a damn thing about bass amps i have a relly big marshalll. dont know the measurement but. i think the bigger the better