Hmm, for some reason none of the music would work for me.

Damn myspace.

EDIT: Working now. Todestrieb is pretty cool. They aren't bad.
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forgotten woods is awesome

Forgotten Tomb > Forgotten Woods

Still love them though, wish I hadn't lost my copy of The Curse of Mankind .
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I have their Negative Megalomania album only. They are good! Any recommendation for other albums people? I want to listen some other releases by this band. Which album should I get?
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Man, the last post for this band was 2 years ago.

I think it's my duty to revive this thread
I just found them and am liking them
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I listen to this band a bit. Pretty good really, even though I'm not the biggest fan of DSBM.
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Songs to Leave is pretty cool, but not as good as a lot of folks make it out to be. Most of the songs leave a lot to be desired after listening to them.

I really do like Disheartenment, though, but that's probably because it's very Katatonia/Agalloch-esque.
i thought these guys were pretty big in the depressive bm scene already?
theyre absolutely amazing.
i think it sounds awesome when d-bm bands have one verser or section in the songs in a major key. it makes the rest of the song sound so depressing.
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