this is my first electric, should i buy it for 200$? is it a good guitar for a beginner?....
i need some advices
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if u got a shop near u that sells it, then i suggest u should go there and try it out n' see what u think
My advice would be the same.

Only you can tell if you will like this guitar. IMO Yamaha 112 seriers guitars are good for beginners, okay playability, decent setup and sounds okay. But thats my opinion and you should really come up with your own.
hehe, no offence taken now my vacation starts, so maybe ill go get a new guitar.. i gonna sit in the local guitar shops untill they throw me out now
also theyre try out the Ibanez RG321MH bit more expensive but everyone loves it and why not its very good
AT LEAST, get the Yamaha Pacifica series, its better.
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