Hello. i am a guitarist since 2.5 years. After enough of shredding and soloing, ive taken to rhythm playing and i also want to start singing. I am going to buy an
AKG C1000S Stage and Studio Condenser Microphone the reviews on zzounds.com are decent about this microphone but why is it called a condenser microphone??? And also which speaker do i use??? Like the guitar sound comes out through the amp, from where will the sound of the vocals come from? Ordinary speakers?? Since im a newbie to singing n stuff, can u also please suggest some good/reasonable speakers??
Thanx a bunch
youve had enough after just 2.5 years wtf?

i think u should try ultimate-singer.com

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if you really want to start singing look at getting yourself a proper pa set up, and check out mackie's powered speakers
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SM58 into a decent power mixer into 2 ordinary speakers is your standard vocal PA setup. However, if you want to start singing, the great thing about it is you DON'T NEED EQUIPMENT TO PRACTICE. If you start singing with a full band, then the PA will come in handy but in the meantime just sing over an acoustic guitar or your electric with the volume down. No need to be mic'd
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The reason it says Condensor is because its a condensor microphone. A condensor mic uses a different method of replicating the sound. I'm not sure the technical aspect 100% but it gives a much more natural sound whihc is often why it's used in a studio. However it is very sensitive and is often not perferred on stage. However there are condensor microphones designed to limit hte amount of noise. But I really don't think you require a condensor right now, just any dynamic mic will do. But if you arent singing in a band I can't see why you'd need a P.A.
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if you really want to start singing look at getting yourself a proper pa set up, and check out mackie's powered speakers

that's correct, though mackie speakers maybe are a bit expensive?