Poll: What is the best System Of A Down Song?
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2 33%
1 17%
0 0%
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Chop Suey!
1 17%
Holy Mountains
0 0%
Lonely Day
0 0%
0 0%
1 17%
1 17%
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Ok so u say you are a true SOAD fan but do u know the mastermind behind alll of it?? or even know anything about him? Well It is Daron Malakian, he writes all tabs and most lyrics for the SICK rock group, he is a little guy only about 5'5 but his music kicks ass! System of a down is definetely my favorite band and has been for years. If u tried listening to Mezmerize/Hypnotize and werent impressed try there Self titled album or Toxicity. Personally i think there self titled album is one of if not there best work.
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Yeah, SOAD rock. My fav album is Hypnotize... but I didn't like Toxicity for some reason.
'Lovely' does NOT have guitar solos!

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omg are u guys kidding me?? SOAD is the worst ****ing band in the world.. i like greenday bether, and i HATE them as much as i can.. i dont understand how its possible to listen to such bad bands as soad... poor poor guys