Ok I've seen this question being asked loadsa times before, whenever I go to record on audacity no sound comes out, the blue bar is just straight and I no its supposed to be like jagged. Basically as soon as I press the record button all I hear is a hissing noise and nothing else.Can anyone help....
Go down to volume in your tool bar, right click it and press open volume control, and go to properties and go to advanced control. Click microphone and set it to what's right.

Or, if you're like me, you usually just plug it into the wrong spot.
The person below me is probably a homosexual.
I have my guitar plugged into the microphone slot/port..I have sound coming out of it but when I record it doesn't actually record anything.
Set up the input on the recording options. You may be hearing it through your monitors but it may not be set up as the main recordig input. Also check in audacity that the right card is selected.