I have two les pauls. My epiphone NEVER snaps strings but my Gibson is constantly snapping them. Obviously something is wrong. I have had it looked at and "fixed" by a professional TWICE and he said Les Pauls are notorious for it. I have tried different gauges of strings and he also said try washing your hands before playing and also wiping the neck after playing. All these have failed to work. What I have noticed is the string ALWAYS breaks on the saddle. I have had these saddles filed down twice but still no luck.

Anybody else have this problem?

I really need help because this is my favourite guitar I own and I dont even dare use it for giging.

Which string? It's probably the saddle/s, so just buy a new saddle/s or a new bridge.
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I don't know if I can help it.

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you could try swapping the saddles from your epiphone to your gibson if it will fit, or look into buying the same saddle that is on your epiphone for your gibson.
hav you tryed the zakk wylde style of stringing the guitar where you double the string over
the tail piece that should help
it is every string apart from bottom E.

Also if I took the bridge from my epiphone and put it on my gibson then my epiphone would have the problem then.

Yes I tried the Zakk Wylde way aswell. I also forgot to mention the guy that tryed fixing it for me raised the tail piece abit to release a bit of tension.

I guess I will have to buy some new saddles.

Any ideas on saddles that are made to reduce string breakage?
get a roller bridge so that there is less tension.
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I've already tried sanding them down. Hasn't worked for me

I've thought about buying a roller bridge but they are expensive.

It would also mean having my guitar setup again.