If you suck at singing is it possible to learn how and get better or is it something you gotta be born with? If it is possible how can I learn?
let me know if you figure that one out. But I think the answer is: You can learn to sing in key, but if you suck at singing like myself, keep trying or give up.
you can pay for voice coaches to get better...by how much i don't know
anyone can learn to sing... but it does take a lot of ****ing practice. practice humming along to an open low e string on your guitar, then move up the fretboard, then on the a string, etc. this will help you develop better tones and hold notes for longer. there is also warm up techniques you can do but you will need someone to explain and show you in person because that is too hard to explain over a message board. also, when practicing, if you have the opertunity, practice into a microphone more often than not so you can hear how clear you are coming through, how well you are really holding your tone, etc. all it takes is practice, everyone can sing if you practice, it's just like guitar .
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