tells us about your strap/s . be they custom/rare/homemade or just your favorite mass production unite for whatever reason.

i'll start

red gibson strap that i somehow ended up with after my black strap with a lightning bolt dissappeared.
thin black one that say VENOM and is held together by prayer and many, many staples

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i have a black and white strap with a zakk wylde design`
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mine has a red a blue a green a yellow and an orange stripe down it
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i don't really care about my strap that much

that's why i have just a normal fender strap that i got for free

it has black dunlop straploks on it
i have those cheap ernit ball straps that come with everything. somehow i end up with them, only bought one, have like 4. i got a nice 3" planet wave strap, and a leather strap from peavey.

i want one of these

handcut leather. 126.00
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I'm getting a leather strap soon. I want the best so I have to save a little more up, lol.

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cheap Stagg nylon strap, customized with special ex-belt metal thingy (because the plastic thingy that controlled the length of the strap broke)
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