I have Ibanez guitar with s***y sharktoth inlays, I would like to have simple dots and I would like to change whole neck - do Ibanez make this kind of replacements? I've heard story about the guy, who broke neck in his JEM, and the company said that they would make a repleacement for him, but he must send first the broken one to them (they wanted to have a proof that the neck is oryginal) Does the same limits goes to cheaper Ibanez guitars? The thing is - this neck is worth 40$, I would pay 80 for sending it there and getting the new one back (+ the custom neck cost) I know - it would be a lot cheaper to go with it to local luthier but I want ORYGINAL part!
if you say the ibanez neck you have now is sh*tty, then how do you figure a new ibanez neck will be any better, just because it has dot inlays....go to a luthier it will be less money and money well spent