Verse 1:

I see myself staring

Into those eyes so soft.

My gaze won't stop gazing

From those eyes so sweet.

I only hope for a slight glance,

Perchance a stare,

From eyes so tender.

(My heart feels for you,)

No matter where your travels take you.

(My heart cares for you,)

No matter how far we live apart.

(My heart bleeds for you,)

No matter what troubles have you.

Just tell me once,

So I can finally let go

Without another heartbreak

Verse 2:

Every second I see her

I just long to say

What I'm too scared to tell.

My days are of anticipation

And my nights full of pain.

Why can't I just get a yes or no?

A simple rain or shine?



I need an answer quick.

My heart beat's fading fast,

My minutes get longer

As more blood rushes to my head.

My mind starts to swirl,

But I can't leave yet.

Not when I'm so close to you


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