So at school we've got this assignment to give a "demonstration presentation" which basically means we have to teach the class some sort of skill or talent.

I've chosen acoustic guitar as my presentation topic, and I was wondering if you guys had any ideas about what I could teach. Keeping in mind that it has to take between 7-8 minutes, and that I sort of suck (been playing since May).

What I'm looking at doing is teaching Travis picking, then playing Dust in the Wind. The problem? I can't play Dust in the Wind very well (yet - the presentation is about a month away) and I suck at singing. Also, I have no idea how I'm going to fill 7 minutes with that, since it will probably only take like 4.

Anyone have any suggestions?
or metallica - nothing else matter.. thats something EVERYONE can play.. even my dead grandma who never touched a guitar
Green Day - Time of your life is a very popular song that is easy to play and everyone likes it.

Try teaching a few chords and some of the basic techniques (Slides, hammer-ons, pull-offs, etc.)
easy thing to do is just play an easy song you know and then show how to do it using easy chords or whatever, then show why and the notes that make it up.

another time filler would be to learn a really heavy song that uses distortion, but learn it acousticly, then play the real version for the class, then play yours. it will double the length of every song you do, which in turn would probably make you a bit longer then the allowed time!
Just play Stairway to Heaven. Sure it's cliche...but it's 7-8min, nobody expects to be taught something unique and whatnot.

Though if you've only been playing since May and you admit to not being very good, why not choose another topic? You'll probably get points off if you try to teach them all a song and end up not being able to play it.
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Is this some sort of music school? Because if you are teaching a class of complete beginners, I don't think you'll be able to teach them to play anything in 8 minutes. Are they meant to be able to play something at the end of it, or just watch to see how you do it?
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I had to do this in 7th grade. Except we were given 3 minutes and I finished off at 10.

Instead of just performing a song, I'd just stick to reviewing guitar basics. The thing is that you don't want to try to show off for the class; you want to make it clear so that people who have never played guitar get some sort of idea of how to. I'm assuming there's going to be some who've never played because you said "you had to teach them some sort of skill".

Tell them about picking, strumming, and chords. Show them a few basic chords and some simple riffs. Then maybe you'd want to talk aout guitar accessories that might help them with playing, such as straps, capos, and picks. Maybe teach them how to read tabs.

Hopefully your teacher isn't overly strict about time limits and will allow you a minute or two extra. If so, I would suggest you finish off by playing a short clip of a song. I'd try some Neil Young, Bob Dylan, or maybe even Nick Drake. If you want to get the class more into it, play something they'd generally know. Maybe an acoustic version of a popular song off the radio (sadly, I couldn't tell you any at the moment).
Thanks for the tips everyone. Definetly thinking on what everyone's been saying.

For the sake of clarity, the idea behind this presentation is that you're presenting something you're comfortable doing, not actually trying to teach anything. Like if you're presenting on international economies, you're nervous cause you don't know it, but I'm presenting guitars, so I'm comfortable because I know the stuff. It's also a university level class, so I don't want to do something retarded, and really, what else am I going to do, the art of blowing bubbles? Or making funny popping noises with your mouth? My skills are pretty limited as far as wow factor goes

Also, I don't really suck that bad, and if it turns out that I can't play a song it's not too hard to just sub in something I can play.
Good EASY modern song-Colliide--Howie Day (okay maybe not good but every chick in class would love it)

Good EASY classic song-Wish you were here-Pink Floyd (your teacher should love this)

Other recommendations:
Colorful--Verve Pipe
ANYTHING Dave Matthews

I love the idea of this project--I never get anything like this.