Good quality, nice to listen to. Anticipating a vocalist here... would drastically improve the song (As if it needed it). Good job.
Great job. It's catchy, yet heavy at the same time. Excelent recording quality. What are you using to record it? The guitar tone was good too. All that it needs now is vocals.
Overall, great job.
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Thanks for all the comments guys. I recorded it through a POD 2.0 at someones house that I know. He has a full recording rig with the POD 2.0's and a Bass POD so the quality comes out pretty good. This is my first final cut song that I have written alone so I am pretty happy with what I have.
IS that a drum machine? It sounds fake-ish.
And if ever You come near, I will hold up high a mirror.
Lord, I could never show you anything as beautiful as You.
It is a synthesizer thing. I didn't do the drums, I only did lead, rhythm and bass.
It is going to be the first song for my band. The band is going to be like a hardcore/rock. The music is more general rock/metal but the vocals are going to be more from the hardcore style. I will post it when I get the vocals down. Probably will be a while.