hello ive been playing under a year however i would liek to start learning to play solos. Does any one know soem nice easy ones to start me off. Not to easy e.g smells like teen spirit i mean liek 1 or 2 levels up from that

The solo in Zeppelin's Whole lotta love is a good one, or the ones in "Ohio" by crosby, stills, nash and young are perfect for what you're looking for. Hope that helped
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Wolfmother - Pyramid. Wolfmother is what I played when I wanted solo beyond Smells Like Teen Spirit. Pretty much all Wofmother runs and solos are just decending triplets in minor pent.

Remember, play anything you are having trouble with very slowly, so that you can play it perfectly to build up muscle memory, and use a metronome.
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good solo to start with (these are the same one i started with) are the first solo in Fade to black, first in sanitarium, first master of puppets solo, always with me, always with you from Satriani is good to start but they got Cu%4 chords to play for the intro but yer fade~ and sani~ are good to do easy as i reckon and ive only been playing for like 6 months

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